Club Runs

HCC prides itself on being an open, friendly and all inclusive club. Please contact us for further  information, or to enquire about joining a ride. 

​Usually, non-members are welcome to try up to three rides but during the COVID pandemic arrangements are different. Currently we are following government and British Cycling guidance by riding in groups of up to 6. You’ll need to contact the club runs co-ordinator, to find out how to join a ride. In the past our meeting place has been the Co-op car park in Holmfirth. Due to COVID and social distancing guidance we are now meeting in a variety of locations but someone will always be at the Co-op, 9.30am on Sundays, to meet prospective new members, or those members who may not have ridden with the club for a while. 

To cater for a range of  riding experiences we have 5 speeds of ride to choose from (A to E) and an E-bike section.  There is always a group suitable for everyone.  Whilst we welcome new riders, for the safety of others on a group ride we do expect you to have a basic  level road sense, confidence and awareness of others before riding with us. 

Our A paced ride is our steadiest ride and our E paced ride is our quickest  ride.

We have a variety of other club runs including our club run abroad (usually held over Easter), ladies and gentlemen only rides, evening rides,  daytime rides, junior and youth rides and of course our very popular traditional Sunday club run, which is where most people start their experience of riding with us.

Ride Speeds

Group eBikes – Distance 25-35 miles (40-56 km) – steady pace
Group Rep – John Brotherton

This is a group specifically for ebike riders. This group is relatively new to our club but is becoming more popular and numbers are growing. This group rides every week from Holmfirth co-op car park on Sundays at 09:30. The aim of this group is to enjoy  a very friendly and sociable ride,  encouraging anyone and everyone to take up this sport and to stop for a coffee half way round. No experience of group riding is required before hand.  

Group A  – Distance 15-20 miles (24-32 km) – steady pace
Group Rep – Vacant

This is our entry level group ride. This ride is aimed at those people who may not have been on a bike for some time, but would like to start cycling more frequently and for those people who are working towards riding with B group. It is a very friendly and sociable ride and aimed at encouraging riders to take up this sport. No experience of group riding is required before hand.  An experienced club member will usually be on hand to offer basic advice on things such as gear selection, position on the road and group riding etiquette as well as more general topics such as bikes and clothing. Runs with this group will equip riders with the skills required to move to  B  group, but more miles may be needed to improve fitness, strength and speed before moving into that group.

Group B (short) – Distance 25-35 miles (40-56 km) – medium pace
Group Rep – Alison Hughes

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 10.5-12 mph (16.9-19 kmph) depending on route

This ride is  a medium pace ride but is intended to be sociable and includes a café stop.  It is expected that riders will be able to cover up to 30 miles (48 km), in approximately 3 hours riding time, to equip riders with the skills to move to other B groups that ride further if desired. The group will stop regularly to re-group, particularly after hills. Experienced leaders are always available to offer help and advice

Group B (local) – Distance 25-35 miles (40-56 km) – medium pace
Group Rep – Jane Travis

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 10.5-12 mph (16.9-19 kmph) depending on route

This ride is aimed at cyclists who need to be back at home by lunch time, but would still like to get a few miles under their belts on a Sunday morning. It runs at a medium pace and aims to choose a route that has less than 1000 ft (189 m) climbing for 10 miles (10km) of travel. There will be no café stop during the ride but an optional café stop, at the end of the ride, is a possibility for those wanting to wind down and relax. Planned finish time is before 12:30.

Group B (long) – Distance 40-60 miles (64-96 km) – medium pace
Group Rep – Jane Travis

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 10.5-12 mph (16.9-19 kmph) depending on route

Group B (medium) is our most popular ride, at a medium pace.

Riders should be capable of completing 40 miles comfortably and have some experience of group riding. This ride aims to choose a route that has approximately 1000 ft (189 m) climbing for 10 miles (10 km) of travel. This group will usually return to Holmfirth before 14:00, but sometimes, when a longer ride has been planned, it can be a little later.

Group C (short)  – Distance 40-50 miles (64-80 km) – fast pace
Group Rep –  Richard Mosley 

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 12-14 mph (19-22.5 kmph) depending on route

This ride is aimed at cyclists who like a quicker ride out than our B rides.  Routes and café stop options will be decided upon the day amongst those present.

Group C (long) – Distance 50-70 miles (80-112 km) –  fast pace
Group Reps – Adrian Midgely and Tracey Coldwell

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 12-14 mph (19-22.5 kmph) depending on route

The longer C group rides at a similar pace to C short but covers more miles. As such, this ride aims to be back by 15:00.

Group D – Distance 70-95+ miles (112-152+ km) – faster pace
Group Rep – Jon McWood

Elevation: Tends to be 1000 ft per 10 mile (189 m per 10 km) depending on route
Speed: 13.5-15.5mph (21.7-25 kmph) depending on route

The rides are “social” with a cafe stop, but will require a decent level of fitness and bike ability.  We ride in “tight twos” and sometimes “through and off” the group only tends to break up on the bigger hills. This creates a smoother and faster ride for us all, but does take some discipline from the whole group.  Don’t worry if you have not done this before many of our new riders have not, other group members will help you.  However, if you are not comfortable trying to ride in this style D group is not for you.  The club offers coaching sessions on group riding.

Group E – Distance 50-80 miles (80-129 km) – very fast pace (17+ mph (27 kmph) average)
Group Rep – Lee Brown

Elevation: Rides alternate between hilly and flat routes each week
Speed: 16-20 mph (25.7-32 kmph) depending on route

This is a training group for racing members or those confident in their ability to ride at a high pace without stops. Prospective new members/club-runners should not join this group on their first ride but should ‘graduate’ via the A, B, C and D groups.


HCC prides itself on being an all inclusive, friendly club and we encourage new riders to come and join us.  We recognise that it is much safer for all of us if we ride as a group, but we also recognise that this is a skill that develops over time.  As a rough guide, as the pace of a ride increases through our groups A to E then so does the group riding skill. To support group riding we ask when taking a turn on the front please make an effort to check the pace you are setting is not leaving people behind. Equally, if you feel you are dropping off the back or spot another rider who has been dropped, communicate this to the front of the group. So that you do not feel under pressure if the pace of the ride is either too fast or too slow for you we offer plenty of other groups that might suit your pace better. Here are some further hints and tips for a group riding:

​Come prepared – everyone should have a pump and inner tube/puncture repair kit.

Choose the right group! If you’re not sure go with a slower group rather than a faster one. You can always move up next time.

Ride two abreast when safe to do so. The group should stay as compact as possible in two lines.

Never ride more than two abreast, move into single file when traffic is busy or the road is narrow.

If the group is larger than 14 then it should divide into 2 smaller groups to ensure that we ride safely and minimise impact to other road users, unless it is felt by the route planner that because of the route and riders concerned that a larger group is safe.

Please remember to look over your shoulder to check it is clear before manoeuvring.

Always follow the Highway Code; remember when on a club run you are representing the club.

You may see or hear the following signals being used – please help to keep the group safe by using these signals yourself and by communicating them through your group:

  • Shout of ‘Car Up’ – there is a car, possibly going to cause an obstruction, behind.
  • Shout of ‘Car Down’ – there is a car, possibly going to cause an obstruction, in front.
  • Shout of ‘Mile Off’ or ‘Ease Up’ means slow the pace slightly at the front
  • Point out hazards
  • Shout of ‘Slowing’ or waving arm means he group is slowing down.
  • Shout of ‘Stop’ or ‘Lights’ or signal of hand up means the group is stopping (often for traffic lights)
  • Left arm around the back signals moving out (often for a parked car)
  • Right arm around the back signals to ride in single file.
  • Shout of ‘All On?’ is asking if the group is together . The response of ‘All Aboard’ should be given by the last rider if they are present.

Under 16

Holmfirth Cycling Club are keen to encourage young members who want to join organised club rides.
All club members participating in club activities do so at their own risk.
Young Riders aged 16 and below may do so ONLY with signed parental consent.
The form should be completed and returned to the club secretary BEFORE you join your first club ride.

The following criteria must also be met;
Young riders (under 16) joining club rides must:
Be ‘accredited’ by club coaches as being suitable (skills and fitness) for joining club rides
Submit a completed parental consent form – retained by HCC club secretary
Identify and agree with a responsible person who will act as that riders ‘chaperone’ throughout the ride – this must be agreed BEFORE each ride meet.
Carry an ID and I.C.E. card which they must show the ride leader/planner and chaperone prior to commencing the ride.
Please remember that you will be representing Holmfirth Cycling Club and that you are expected to ride according to the Highway Code and the rules of the road.
Any behaviour which is dangerous, illegal or likely to bring the club into disrepute may result in suspension from attending club rides or expulsion from the club.

Sunday Runs

Sunday club runs are usually the place that most people get their first experience of riding with us. We have five paces of ride to choose from (A to E) and our B and C paced rides are so popular that there is usually more than one B paced ride and more than one C paced ride.  A paced rides are our steadiest ride (up to 9 MPH Ave) and our E paced ride is our quickest  ride. In addition to these groups we also have an eBike ride which is just for eBike riders. Most weeks we get over 60 riders spread across all groups so there is no reason why anyone should feel apprehensive about coming down to meet us for the first time. Club runs are lead by volunteer members who currently lead groups up to six people at a time in line with British Cycling Guidance They are posted to members only on the HCC club runs Facebook Group.

If you are not on Facebook or are wanting to try out a ride before joining you will need to get in touch by contacting the club run rep.

Rides meet at various locations in Holmfirth.

Wednesday Runs

Both of these rides include a coffee stop. The B paced ride usually covers about 35 miles and the C paced ride about 50 miles, but this is dependent upon the weather and time of year. Find and book yourself onto a ride using the HCC club runs Facebook Group.  If you are not on Facebook or are wanting to try out a club run prior to joining then please contact the club run rep

Club Run Abroad

This is a well established feature of HCC with over 50 riders and their families taking part

April 3 – 11 2021 

This is an excellent opportunity to shake off the winter cobwebs (if you still have them!) and get some descent miles in in the warmth of southern Europe. We have mainly focussed on Peurto Pollenca on Mallorca as it is a small well placed resort with immediate access to some of the best riding anywhere. New riders are always welcome and its a chance to get to know people well. Members take their own bikes or hire out there and amongst us is a good deal of experience to get anyone started and have a successful week. If you think you might join us please have a look at the details on our club’s Facebook page or contact Jane Travis via the Facebook group.  If you do decide to join us, one thing we can guarantee is that we know that you will have a great time. 

Club Run Weekend Away

We plan club run away days annually. Club runs at all levels are offered based in a different location. We have held these in the Peak District, The Yorkshire Dales and the Yorkshire Wolds. 

Upcoming events will be posted on the club Facebook Group. 

Chip Butty Club Run

Smaller get-togethers include the Chip Butty run where we meet up at a suitable hostelry for a Chip Butty and a get together These happen in September and around Christmas. More info will be posted on the club Facebook Group.